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Int. Ch. Goldhavens Gone With The Wind CCA RI BCAT CGCA CGCU TKN "Scarlett"

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Scarlett is the daughter of Molly Mae. Molly is from my Izzie/Nick litter of 2011. Scarlet has a little bit of field in her line which gives her that beautiful dark golden color. I have long anticipated one of Molly’s pups so that I could carry on Nicks lineage. If you check out Nick’s page, you will know why this line is so important to me. I gave Molly to my brother in Maine with the understanding that I would get a puppy from her first litter. He bred Molly to his boy JJ. JJ, aka Jake junior, is from my brothers line which is known for it’s health, performance and longevity. Scarlet has not disappointed. She got her CGC at 6 months old and her Rally Novice title at a little over a year. She has since completed her RI, BCAT, CGCA, CGCU, and TKN. She is a very smart girl. She has everything that you want in a Golden. 
Scarlet passed all of her final clearances and was bred to Emery Pekay’s Casablanca. Scarlet’s delivery didn’t go well. We believe she developed maternal hydrops. She was taken in for an emergency C-section. Despite the vets best efforts, we were only able to save 1 out of 9 puppies. She blew out her uterus and had to be spayed.