We hope you will find these links useful

GRCA – Golden Retriever Club of America – Even if you don’t plan on becoming a member, this is a great web site for information about the breed

AGRC – Atlanta Golden Retriever Club – Good information about the breed on this site

AKC – American Kennel Club – Good information on this site

OFFA – Orthopedic Foundation for Animals – You can use this web site if you know the registration numbers for the parents of the puppies that you are thinking about buying. It should tell you if the parents have been tested for the 4 major genetic defects and what the results were. If the parents are not listed here, you should ask why. There could be a good reason, but make sure that you know why.

GRRA – Golden Retriever Rescue Atlanta – There are many older dogs in need of good homes and there are so many benefits to adopting an older dog. They are usually up to date on all of their veterinary needs, spayed or neutered, and housebroken. I personally have taken in several rescues and they are so happy to have a good home that they pay it back tenfold. This organization also holds golden “parties” several times a year at different locations around Atlanta. Anyone with a golden is invited. Even if you are not looking to rescue one you can check out their web site for a list of golden events in the area.

LKC – Lawrenceville Kennel Club – This is a great club for like minded individuals. They offer a number of different training classes for all levels of obedience and rally for all dogs both purebred and mixed breed. They also offer conformation classes from novice to advanced. You do not have to be a member to sign up for classes..