Litter News

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The price of our puppies is $2500
There is no deposit to get on my waiting list. There will be a $500 deposit to maintain your place on the list when the pups are born. The balance of $2000 will be due when you pick up your pup at 8 weeks old. If I receive a check that I am unable to cash, due to insufficient funds, your name will be removed from the list. 

All of our pups are micro-chipped, vet checked, wormed several times, and have age appropriate vaccinations. We do not discount our puppies. If we have an older puppy it will sell for the same price as the younger ones. However, please keep in mind that the older pups have more of their puppy vaccines. We have been feeding them longer and we have already started crate and basic obedience training.  Our puppies come with a limited registration. A limited registration is to try to ensure that we are not placing any of our pups in a puppy mill situation. The difference between a full and a limited registration is, with a limited registration, if you do breed, you will not be able to register a litter of your pups. Also, you cannot participate in conformation shows with a limited registration. I have nothing against responsible breeding practices and I have no problem placing one of my pups with someone who wants to breed. Most of the pups that I place are in pet homes so the limited registration means nothing to them. If you do get one of my pups, and you do decide that you would eventually like to breed, all you have to do is come back to me with the eye, hip, heart, and elbow clearances, and for an additional fee I will release the registration. In the past 20 years, I have only had 3 requests for this.

Our price is non-negotiable. Please do not call and ask me to lower the price. I do what I can to keep the price as low as possible and still raise healthy dogs. The testing that I do is expensive as is the cost of caring for the mom and the pups. If you cannot afford the price of these pups, this might not be a good time to get one. The purchase price of a puppy is the least expensive part of owning a dog. Veterinary care and feeding a puppy can be costly.

If you want a backyard dog, please do not call for one of my pups. While I do not understand the concept of the backyard dog, I do respect a persons right to keep them. I just do not feel that it is right for my puppies. They were born and raised in a house with lots of love and attention and that is how I want them to live out their lives with their new families. If you can’t deal with the dog hair, you might want to consider another breed. After years of taking in rescued Golden Retrievers, most of which have been left in a backyard for years, I have yet to get one that hasn’t adapted to the house. Once adapted to the house, (which doesn’t take long) they became the best family pet that you could imagine. They are so thankful for the human contact that they go out of their way to please you.