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Years ago, when I first started breeding Golden Retrievers, my first Golden Retriever, Penny, was always in the back of my mind. My father purchased Penny from Evelyn (Torch) Flinn at Tigathoe Kennels in Connecticut back in 1952. Her registered name was Tigathoe’s fireball. With the help of Torch, in 1955, they bred Penny with Rockhaven’s Raynard of fo-go-ta. Torch kept 2 pups from that litter. We had 3 generations from Penny and then stopped breeding and lost the line. Every so often, I would do a google search for Tigathoe kennels to try to come up with someone who is still breeding from the Tigathoe line. I have found some that still have that line in their dogs and have always dreamed of again owning a descendent of the kennel. My most recent google search came up with so much more. Torch must have kept great records. Someone had entered all of them in the k9 database. I actually found Tigathoe’s fireball and all of her decendents. I was able to trace her to some very recent dogs including Nick. Yes, my dream came true long before I even knew it. I have a direct descendent of my first dog. Last year I gave one of Nicks pups to my brother so now it looks like we have come full circle. I always dreamed of owning a descendent of the kennel but never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would ever find a descendent of Penny. I always knew that Nick was a great dog and now I know why. He will always have a special place in my heart.